Hybrid 200 Boxing Gloves Black

These Adidas Hybrid 200 boxing gloves are made of leather and belong in the Hybrid collection. The black boxing gloves are suitable for men and women in martial arts such as kickboxing, Muay Thai and boxing. Skill level: advanced to fighter.

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These Adidas boxing gloves are made of 100% leather and belong in the Hybrid collection. Here you see the kickboxing gloves in the colours black and white. The Adidas Hybrid 200 boxing gloves have a multi layered foam padding. The different layers of cushioning in the boxing gloves absorb the impact of all the blows and protect your hand. Furthermore the wide velcro closure of the kickboxing gloves offers you optimal wrist stabilisation. Adidas is a premium brand that offers you high quality boxing gloves with the latest technologies. They opt for innovative designs and enlist the help of world champions to achieve a good product. Which is why Adidas is always a good choice.
The Hybrid series from Adidas differs from the Speed ​​series because of the padding that is made up of several layers. The collection itself contains five different models. The Adidas Hybrid 200 is the most affordable boxing glove of real leather. We recommend these black boxing gloves for advanced athletes and fighters in boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai. Would you rather go one level lower? Then check out the Hybrid 100. Looking for even more quality? Then the Hybrid 300 is your glove.

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What size of boxing gloves are suitable for you?

For Adidas boxing gloves we use other sizes than what you’re probably used to. Oz stands for ounces, this represents the weight of padding in the glove. The general rule is that the heavier you are, the more ounces your gloves should be. This is to protect yourself and the people you train with. If you find speed important during your training we advise you to choose a glove one weight class lighter. However if you hit harder than average in your weight class or if you would like to become stronger, then it’s better to choose a glove in a heavier weight class. For more information about the right size boxing gloves for your weight class please consult our size chart. If you have any doubts or if you would like some advice feel free to contact us!

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All Adidas boxing gloves come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.



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